Why Google Chrome is not working? How to Fix It

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Google Chrome not working

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser famous for its best in class and secured browsing features. Users can use Google Chrome on all kinds of devices for multiple purposes and get amazing benefits. But there are many users also complained about the technical issues they face when using the Google Chrome browser on their devices. There are numerous technical problems faced by the users and not responding issues is one among those that users confront when using the Google Chrome browser.

How to fix Google Chrome not responding issue?

Are you getting any sort of error when working on Chrome? Or your Chrome has stopped working on your preferred device? Then you may get this due to multiple reasons and each problem is important to know and resolve in order to access the Chrome. If you don’t know how to fix Google Chrome not responding Windows 10, then you can apply the below instructions:

Solution 1: Check the internet connectivity

Make sure that you have an active internet connection which is completely required to access Google Chrome on your device. Bad internet connectivity may also cause this issue and you have to resolve it as soon as possible. You can switch to another Wi-Fi or cellular data to check it.

Solution 2: Update your Chrome browser

Using an older or outdated Chrome version also leads to many problems and you can fix the Google Chrome not working the issue very easily just by updating your Chrome browser through the below steps:

·         Open Chrome on your computer and then go to the menu which is present in three-dot shape icon at the top-right corner side.

·         Now scroll down to Help and then click on About Google Chrome

·         You will see the current version of your Chrome browser and then you can update your browser to the latest version if available.

·         Click on the Update tab to update your browser.

Solution 3: Restart your device and Chrome

Restarting your computer or Chrome often fix a variety of issues and you may also fix the working issues of Google Chrome juts by restarting your devices and browser.

In case you are not able to know how to fix Google Chrome not working issue even after following the above-listed methods, then you need an effective support that can be availed by contacting the customer service team of Google Chrome very easily.

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